Parker Thornton

Parker Thornton is an Atlanta native and an MFA candidate at Georgia State University. She uses her body as a tool to investigate the way the body is politicized, aestheticized, and commodified. She explores the social body through photography, video, performance, and installation, with a particular interest in bodies that are coded as femme, queer, passing-as-straight, and hyper-sexualized.

Her work has been featured at Cinequeer Film Fest, Mint Gallery, and  Eyedrum Music and Art gallery. She was the inaugural guest curator in 2016 for Murmur Media’s Quarter Program. In 2014 she cofounded Callosum Collective, an Atlanta-based creative collective that applies collaborative methods across media to explore the intersections between art, technology, and the senses. Callosum Collective was awarded an Idea Capital grant in 2014 and invited to participate in Theater Emory’s Breaking Ground series in 2015.

Mohammad Javad Jahangir

Mohammad Javad Jahangir is an Iranian photographer who lives in Atlanta. He studied Art at Vije art and Mahemehr art institutes in Tehran, and also Has a B.A in Law. The dominant theme in his work is distinguished by observation of his surroundings and an ongoing investigation of the photographic medium’s foundations through code and softwares.

He has participated in an art residency in Viafarini organization for contemporary art in Milan, Italy at 2015. He has held various exhibitions around the world, being shown in many museums such as Tehran Museum of contemporary art, The Craft & Folk Art Museum in LA, US. Jahangir is an honorable member of the Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art, Tehran, IRAN , National Iranian Photographers’ Society (NIPS) and International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

Kelli Shea Couch

Kelli Shea Couch is a current MFA Candidate in Photography at Georgia State University. She received her BFA in Photographic Design from the University of West Georgia. Couch’s work has been featured in the Atlanta Photography Group’s Student Prize Show. She participated in “Continuum” at the Lamar Dodd Art Center in Athens, GA and “Creature of What You Are” at Day and Night Studios in Atlanta. Her work was included in “Tough Times” at Soup Experimental in Tallahassee, Florida. She is the recipient of The Georgia State University Foundation Scholarship in 2015, the Welch Photography Award for Graduate Summer research and the Chandler Award at Georgia State University in 2017.

Coorain Devin

The air was redolent of fresh seawater and cucumber. A young deer accidently flushed a flock of birds, probably doves, and there was Coorain. Squinting and scrawny, the child was ravenous, not just for the sweet juice of the pomegranate, but for color, for life, for all the lurid details. From eastern Australia, Coorain was taken to rural North America, land of plenty, progress, and snow-laden cottages. Coorain began to flourish, but something was…off. Perhaps something was lost traveling to this new land, but Coorain was haunted by dreams. Dreams in colors and patterns so lush, so incredible they can’t be imagined. Dreams that were both heartbreaking and lovely. Dreams that muddled the beautiful plastic plenty that Coorain was surrounded by with something more, with something Coorain needed to build, to create. Coorain was an artist.