Intro to Photography
An introduction to photography within a fine arts context. Students learn operation of DSLR camera, basic knowledge of Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop with an emphasis on conceptual development and technical expertise.

Film and Darkroom
An intermediate-level course emphasizing technical competency with 35mm and medium format cameras, black-and-white film exposure and development, silver-gelatin print processing, and archival presentation with an emphasis on conceptual development, research into artistic practices, and technical expertise.

Digital Photography
An introduction to computer-assisted imaging. Students use Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, and Camera Raw application for skills in digital workflow, exploring creative and experimental possibilities for processing and manipulating photographs. Emphasis on high-quality digital printing. Discussion topics and readings introduce new media theory. Projects should reveal conceptual thinking and technical expertise.

Alternative Processes
Photographic printing processes from the 19th century with elements of digital media. Experimentation and independent research emphasized.

Studio Lighting & Large Format
Students learn to use large format film cameras and advanced studio lighting techniques.

Digital Video for Artists
Students focus on basic skills in recording HD video with a DSLR camera, editing content with Adobe Premiere, and exploring audio-visual composition in conjunction with creative use of the moving image, the history of experimental filmmaking and video, and a survey of contemporary video themes.


History of Photography
Seminar addressing critical issues and expressive approaches in photographic practice through the study of theory and history; technical and aesthetic development; influences the medium has had on art and culture.

Directed Study in Photography
Confronting individual studio problems for advanced undergraduate students.

Portfolio I and II
Senior-year studio experiences for BFA degree candidates with committee review.

MFA Interdisciplinary Seminar
Readings, discussions, and engagement with advanced studio topics, led by studio faculty, to improve studio practice. MFA students from all Art and Design majors participate in the seminars, providing an important opportunity for students in the program. to foster relationships across disciplines.

MFA Studio Practice
Serves as the foundation of Georgia State University’s MFA program. In the studio practice course students explore advanced individual projects on professional topics. Guidance is provided through peer and faculty critique and studio visits with professional artists.